The Shapansky Foundation works actively around the globe

aiming to provide effective financing and training.

We have worked with over 1000 clients across Asia, Latin America, and Africa as an effort to validate a new, unique model for helping microfinance entrepreneurs grow into sustainable small businesses.

Sri Lanka

Our foundation’s effort began in Sri Lanka and we continue to support numerous clients in the region. Our client’s businesses range from fish processing plants to boat building, with many leveraging the local industries.

Ghana is the first African country we worked in and where we continue to gain new, passionate clients on a growth trajectory. The foundation has been able to provide capital and training support for numerous businesses in the region that have outgrown smaller microfinance offerings.


Expanding the foundation’s reach into Latin America reflects the scalability and adaptability of our operational model. Providing growing Mexican businesses with key funding and specialized training allows for continued community development and prosperity.


The most recent and rapidly growing venture of our foundation has been in Myanmar, where we are actively helping passionate entrepreneurs take their growing businesses to the next level. By providing financing and coaching tailored to their line of work, we are aiding key businesses that support local communities.



With a family of five, Daw San San Win sought a way she could provide for her family and established her rice milling and wholesale business. Her business buys rice from farmers, threshes it, then sells it on to others, and sells the rice husks for animal feed to other farmers. With loans from the Shapansky Foundation, Daw San San Win has been able to buy trucks for transport and has goals of buying a new milling machine to expand the business..

Fish drying in Negombo, Sri Lanka 

Visiting our client’s fish processing plant in Negombo, Sri Lanka

Visiting J.M.C Boat Yard with Prince Nayagam, former CEO of VisionFund Sri Lanka

Ghanaian entrepreneur overseeing her bread-making business which provides for the local community

Shapansky Foundation founders visiting the growing bread-making business, Ghana

A client’s retail operation, Ghana

Some of the businesses established by our clients in Mexico include a tailor shop, a mole sauce company, and a restaurant

Employees working on a loom machine, Myanmar

Owner U Khun Aung Naing Moe discussing his loom business, Myanmar

Daw San San Win, rice milling and wholesale business owner